strategy, Operating Model and executive leadership 

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Right Strategy

Do you have the right strategy?  Is it designed to win, or just play?  Do you have a clear and differentiated point of view?  Does it create strength through the coherence of the various elements of the strategy?

As Roger Martin said: if you are entirely comfortable with your strategy there is a strong chance it isn’t very good. 

We bring the outside in, exposing executives to the latest insights from the world of strategy, helping them recognise and respond to the macro forces and changing industry dynamics.  This process creates a more robust and sustainable strategic pathway. 

But the right strategy is about more than just creating strategy: execution remains the biggest challenge of strategy.  We focus on ensuring we deliver an executable strategy.


Right Operating Model

The business model describes the design or architecture of the value creation, delivery and capture: the operating model, a market model and the economic logic.  

Does your business model reflect your strategy?  Do the elements that make up your business model reinforce each other?   How can you tell if your business model is under threat?

Our focus is typically on the operating model: where you play in the industry value chain; what your organisational model look like; how you seek to position the business within your technology domain; the intended ‘look and feel’ or culture of the business; your asset position – asset heavy versus asset light.

The goal is to build a business model and operating model that produce reinforcing value drivers.   




Executive Leadership

Executive leadership is complex.  It requires more than 'just' the typical leadership behaviours.  

Executives have to deal with much higher levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity than middle level roles.

As an external advisor we engage openly with the executive across the broad spectrum of strategic and organisational issues that cross the executive desk.  At the top level, this extends to providing counsel on their Board interactions. 

We draw on our own CEO and Board experience, the experience from working with many other executives, and our specialist training in assessing executive capability, to provide additional insight and support that may not be available internally.  


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