Our philosophy ... why we do what we do 



Clients have come to be for a range of reasons.  Some clients wanted support and guidance to help them develop a compelling strategy.  And to sharpen their execution.  Other clients wanted to transform their operating model, realising their existing model no longer suited the needs of the business.  And others were looking for leadership support in many variations, including leadership team workshops (alignment; development; planning) or coaching/mentoring.

These needs reflect a common core underlying demand: the clients were all seeking to 'shift the dial' on the performance of their organisations.  These are the three levers that can enable transformation: strategy; leadership; and operating model. 

And that represents the ‘click’ with our work at 2nd Horizon.  We are guided by an absolute belief in the capacity of leadership to achieve extraordinary results.  Indeed, we regard it as the primal responsibility of leadership.  But we also know that too many organisations fall short on this agenda.  Our passion, and value contribution, is to help organisations achieve closer to their full potential.    

Whatever the specific need, what we deliver is underpinned by three core attributes: expertise; experience; and energy.  

If you are keen to find a pathway to a material lift in your organisational performance, if you want support, but you don’t want teams of consultants dropped into the fray, then give us a call.  We would love to chat and see if there is a ‘click’. 

The short (2 ½ minute) videos below offer insights from thought leaders in strategy.  How does your organisation's strategy practice match up against these ideas?