Our philosophy ... why we do what we do 


 We believe in the capacity of leadership to create great organisations … organisations that can develop and execute strategies that match the demands of a complex and changing environment; that create customer experiences and connections that transcend simple transactions.  This comes about through leaderships’ capacity and commitment to engage with the people who are the body and soul of any organisation.  

And it reflects the quality of the leadership conversations and the decision making capacity and processes.  

Delivering on this possibility is the primal responsibility of leadership.  

We also believe in a self-evident truth: it is the leadership teams which need to design, develop and energise the change that can transform organisations.  Our job as consultants and advisors is to help in that process.  We bring expertise, experience and energy across strategic conversations, decision making, execution and engagement.

Welcome to 2nd Horizon Pty Ltd.  The pages that follow outline our expertise and our experience.  Let us help you create and deliver on a growth and renewal agenda.  

The short (2 ½ minute) videos below offer insights from thought leaders in strategy.  How does your organisation's strategy practice match up against these ideas?