Can someone help me please? I'm stuck!

At a recent workshop a client expressed the fear that she felt stuck when thinking about strategy execution.  That's not surprising.  Research consistently shows that organisations massively under-perform on strategy execution.  

I outline five practices here that will give you a winning edge when it comes to strategy execution. Execution is not a trivial part of managerial work: it defines the essence of that work.

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Excellence ... Lessons from Sting

Want to learn what it takes to really achieve excellence in your chosen field?  Watch the first few minutes of the following video clip in which Sting is honored in the annual Kennedy Center honours.  “With all the gifts he’s been given … he’s still sort of ‘scowlie’ … still unsatisfied, he’s restless, unsettled, gazing off to the side"

There are lessons in here for all of us, but be warned: the pursuit of ‘excellence’ in our organisations should come with a product warning

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World Business Forum Excels

The inaugural World Business Forum in Sydney 2 weeks ago was beyond any conference I have attended over more than 25 years as a consultant and advisor working with executive teams across the domains of strategy, leadership and change.    

The conference delivered genuine thought leadership across key issues today: creativity; strategy; big data; global economics and politics; creative leadership; innovation; execution; social media; and the psychology of leadership. 

The speakers were exceptional ...

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